When it comes to the most lucrative way of living and spending, one will surely mention the 2018 movie that shook the world for days – that is the Crazy Rich Asians. The movie starring Constance Wu and Henry Golding allowed people to look into the lives of rich Asians, inside and outside their homes, their interaction with the society and in their social circle.

Well, this isn’t surprising as Asia has been the fastest-growing region of wealthy individuals with a yearly increase under 20%.  Most of the ‘old rich’ living in Asia have built their empire from real estate and banking businesses. And as years passed by, they became the major stakeholders and key decision-makers in most businesses around the world with their heirs and heiress in a close watch to support and expand the family’s wealth with the latest innovations.

Based on the book of the same title written by Kevin Kwan, the characters in the book at first may seem impossible to believe that someone exists in real life not until you get to know the top 5 real crazy rich Asians who see spending in fashion is like buying a piece of history. These people are:

Heart Evangelista

The darling of the Philippines is not only crazy rich but is a refined, talented woman that sees fashion as an art. She’s a Filipina actress, visual media artist, a philanthropist, and a socialite. She became widely known for her painted Birkin bags in which its inception happened by accident when she can’t be fixed the French fry stain in her orange, lizard skin Birkin after eating fries at the Chili’s. Since then, a lot of influential and rich personalities commissioned her to paint their bags as well.

Daughter of a restaurant magnate that belongs to a Chinese-Filipino clan, Heart Evangelista is considered as an ‘old rich’ where etiquette classes and training were taught at a young age which has eventually made them simply sophisticated and refined upon growing up. To date, Heart Evangelista is married to a senatorial politician and is a charity advocate where she established a charity organization that aims to help children with respiratory diseases.

Michelle and Rachel Yeoh

The Yeoh sisters admitted in one of the videos published by Harper’s BAZAAR on Youtube that they love fashion since they were ten, with Balmain as the first fashion brand to adore. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, these Malaysian socialites, heiresses to the YTL Corporation (the largest conglomerate in Malaysia), model and fashion influencers serve as active members of the advisory committee for the British Fashion Council, an institution that determines the fund allocation and grants given to the designers.

For the last 8 years, they are living in England to pursue their career and study with Rachel pursuing her interest in politics, philosophy, and law, while Michelle is attending a law school.

Feiping Chang

The certified It-girl of Hong Kong will constantly wow you with her photographs uploaded routinely in Instagram while wearing expensive gowns shoot and taken in the most exotic locations. Born in Taipei and grew up in Sydney and Singapore, Feiping left the banking industry to pursue her passion.

Last April 2017, she married financier Lincoln Li and wore two gowns designed specifically for her by Giambattista Valli. To make her multimillion-dollar three-day wedding more memorable and notable, she and her beau offered the Italian government to allow them to get married at Villa Lysis, a villa on Capri built by industrialist and poet Jacques d’Adelsward-Fersen in 1905, in exchange of refurbishing the enchanting villa prior the wedding ceremony. Hence, they became the first couple to wed on such an elegant, historic place.

Dimash Adilet

Dimash Adilet is tagged as Kazakhstan's Most Eligible Bachelor due to his extravagant lifestyle. He is the eldest son of a successful Kazakh businessman and an entrepreneur at a young age with a penchant in collecting luxury watches, motorcycles, and cars. This Kazakh model that speaks fluently in English, Russian, and French currently reside at Geneva, Switzerland is living in a passion where you’ll find him traveling to Fashion Week events around the world and present on other high-profile socialite events.

Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong is the son of China’s richest man with a net worth whopping to $30 billion. He is one of the many billionaire scions in China and is known for his crazy antics in Weibo, featuring his pet Alaskan malamute. One of his popular posts that made Wang Sicong a certified crazy rich Asian on the internet is when he bought eight iPhone 7s for his pet dog in 2016 to express his reaction about showing off in social media. In the past, it was noted that Wang Sicong also bought pink micro Fendi Peekaboo and two 18-karat gold Apple watches for his furry best friend.

From these crazy rich Asian influencers, we can learn a thing or two from the way they spend their fortunes. Some rich Asian influencers use it for a cause and make a difference, while others use what they have to tell us that being rich is not always about living a luxurious life but staying on the ground no matter what you are in the society. So if you were ever thinking how rich people maintain their wealth and continue to expand it, these are some of the people you should follow online.